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Olivier MENUET



Mr. Olivier Menuet is the President of SNCF ENERGIE and the Senior Vice President Energy of the SNCF Group, a world top company on passenger and freight mobilities (annual turnover: €34 B).

In this role since 2015 he has implemented a strategic roadmap towards a “Responsible and Sustainable Energy” (annual consumption of 17 TWh – annual spent: € 1.2 B).

Olivier joined SNCF in 2008 to implement a strategic roadmap towards “Sustainable Procurement” which was a leading initiative in Europe and was recognised as such at a worldwide level.

Olivier graduated from INSA Engineering School in Mechanics in 1990 and has worked in several multinational companies such as General Electric, Schneider Electric, Renault, Rhodia/Solvay and SKF.

Oliver is also a Prof. at HEC Paris. Since 2004 he has been teaching Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Olivier published many books, studies and articles on these topics and received many awards for his contribution to CSR and fight against Climate Change, the most famous one from the European Commission in 2012.

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